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How to Make Your Writing More Sensitive – and Why It Matters

There’s a lot of information out there about increasing diversity in the workplace, representation in the media, and inclusivity in all areas of life. As someone who writes and edits for a living – and works for a company with content …

By Carissa Liverpool, Ed.D.
Carissa Liverpool, Ed.D.
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UConnect Partners With Forage To Offer Free Virtual Job Simulations

Millions of students now have increased access to free virtual job simulations thanks to uConnect’s new integration with Forage. 

With the integration, uConnect users can add hundreds of Forage courses directly to their virtual career center platform. The virtual job …

By Guest Contributor
Guest Contributor
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Engaging Faculty And Other Stakeholders With Your Virtual Career Center

A Q&A with Lisa Kastor, formerly of the College of Wooster

Lisa Kastor, former Director of Career Planning at the College of Wooster, a leading liberal arts college in Wooster, OH, spent 35 years working in career services before retiring …

By Guest Contributor
Guest Contributor
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