We are Leaders

We accept the challenge to be engaged with the SAAC and put forth the effort to be involved. With an open mind, we will use our creativity and leadership skills to support existing initiatives, create new events and to get more student-athletes involved with the SAAC.

We will use this opportunity to improve our listening, public speaking, leadership and creative skills to serve the community.

I must lead by example and be the example.


Kyle Holder

Mitchell Walier

Simrin Dhillon

AJ Edenzon

SAAC Members



Team Representatives

Each athletic team is represented on the SAAC by two student-athletes whose responsibilities include serving as an effective liaison between their team and the athletic administration regarding all aspects of the intercollegiate athletic experience. The SAAC meets every first Wednesday of each month during the fall semester and the last Wednesday during the spring semester at the Hale Center from 9:15pm -10:15pm. The SAAC is led by four members who are elected as its Executive Board. Elections occur annually in March; the E-Board term runs for the academic year.

SAAC Dues & Responsabilities

SAAC Members are responsible for:

  • Attending all SAAC meetings for which they are available;
  • Actively participating at SAAC meetings by bringing enthusiasm, creativity and problem-solving skills to topics of discussion;
  • Communicating effectively with other SAAC representatives, teammates, coaches and advisors regarding service opportunities, events and other issues;
  • Getting involved with a minimum two Rutgers Leadership Academy (RLA) events each semester;
  • Encouraging and enlist their teammates also to get involved with RLA events;
  • Giving $10 in annual dues as well as participating in fundraising activities to support the SAAC’s operational costs
  • Link to Member Contract.

Past E-Board Members

  • 2014
    Melissa Arthur, Quentin Gause, Jillian Grant, Kyle Holder, Jenn Staab
  • 2013
    Meilssa Arthur, Stefania Balasa, Quentin Gause and Todd Webb
  • 2012
    Adam Bergo, Jon Lefferts, Mason Robinson Emmy Simpkins, and Stephanie Zielinski
  • 2011
    Paul Calafiore, Ben Forrest, Morgan Ivey, and Emmy Simpkins
  • 2010
    Paul Calafiore, Sean Campbell, Leigh Heinbaugh, Amy Zhang