To provide access to expert assessment and education and swift care to student-athletes based on their individual needs, team specific needs, and the general population’s trends.


The R Care program is a state of the art, comprehensive wrap-around care system for all Rutgers student-athletes, including holistic health care, academic support, career development and preparation, leadership development, and community service.  The R Care program will provide care via services within the athletic department, the university and the community at-large. The R Care program will provide all levels of education, assessment, care and service for student-athletes as they pursue their highest goals athletically, academically and personally – from intervention to prevention, from providing a safety net to positioning for high performance.


R CARE Menu Pick

The R Care Menu Pick provides Rutgers Head Coaches an opportunity to select customizable workshops facilitated by expert professional for their respective sport programs. Given the complex nature of today’s collegiate student-athlete and the increasing academic and athletic demands it takes to be successful on the D I level, its imperative to provide direct and meaningful resources to the student-athlete.


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