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Top Non-Tech Roles in the Tech Industry

The technology sector is expected to grow at a consistent rate over the course of the next decade. Currently, the tech industry in the United States represents around 35% of the entire market worldwide, which means there will be a …

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What Is a Network Security Engineer?

A network security engineer is a type of cybersecurity professional tasked with protecting a company’s network and any users or devices connected to the network. These types of security engineers can work in practically any industry since every company with …

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What Is a Cybersecurity Analyst?

With remote work continuing to increase, cybersecurity analysts have become more critical than ever for their vital role in protecting an organization’s network and data from security threats. 

Cybersecurity analysts are responsible for analyzing the security environment of a company’s …

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What Is a Cloud Security Engineer?

Cloud security engineers have become increasingly essential to companies across many industries as cloud-based cybercrime becomes more widespread and pernicious.

As a type of security engineer, cloud security engineers are responsible for designing, implementing, and maintaining the security of an …

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How To Become a Business Analyst with No Experience: 5 Tips

While the job title “business analyst” and its associated responsibilities—to help organizations identify and implement improvements—might seem vague, the work of BAs in practice can be immensely valuable and give businesses a competitive edge. Whether it’s overhauling existing workflows, introducing …

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