A Step-by-Step Guide For Making Employee Testimonials That Attract Top Talent

A Step-by-Step Guide For Making Employee Testimonials That Attract Top Talent was originally published on Ivy Exec.

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Developing effective business strategies includes the implementation of various practices that help with business growth. The future of any business largely depends on the talent it has under its wing. The higher the quality of employees, the greater the chance of success.

Given the fact that we’re in the middle of the Great Resignation, it’s becoming obvious that recruitment has become a top concern for the HR departments around the world. That presents employee testimonials as a great way to attract talent in the current market.

To achieve this mission, you need to show what your company is about and leverage the reason why people are leaving other companies. There’s no one better to tell the story of your company than your best employees. 

That’s where employee testimonials can help. You can use them to build a reputation that will make your brand an appealing workplace. 

Instead of just adding written testimonials on your site, it’s best to go further and create video testimonials. They have more feelings and authenticity. Furthermore, 69% of consumers prefer video format to reading text.

Modern consumers are aware of how easy it is to fabricate textual testimonials, but that’s not the same for video format. Businesses looking to present honest employee opinions are willing to dedicate time and film testimonials. 

The viewer is automatically aware of the effort which helps build trust. To put it simply, video testimonials are more genuine, credible and engaging than written ones.

Keep reading to see the steps to incorporate them into your business strategy.

1. Define values that you want to promote

Getting authentic employee video testimonials will require you to figure out your company’s values. While you might already have values you’re promoting, consider running a poll to understand what your employees resonate with.

Share a form with several choices and record the results. It’s a simple method that won’t take much time for anyone but will get you the essential data.

That information will help you create a scenario where your employees won’t act in the testimonial. Their statements will feel more authentic, which will fuel a higher level of trust with the viewers.

Once you have the data, you can start working on scenario creation. One of the best ways to attract talent is by promoting your company values, benefits and achievements. People will want to work for a company that genuinely cares about its employees.

2. Pick the right employees

Forcing your employees to take part in employee testimonial filming is not the right approach. It’s best to introduce the idea as optional and consider the first volunteers who want to participate.

Starting to work with volunteers is a great approach, as those people immediately show their willingness to help promote the company. That feeling will translate to videos, as the viewers will recognize their honest enthusiasm about being a part of the company.

If you want to get the best results from the start, consider filming testimonials with people who went through an interesting growth path. 

For example, tell a story of how the company helped someone move from another city or a country. Share how the company gives employees opportunities to switch their careers by changing teams and learning new skills.

The more success stories you have in your company, the better. You can create more videos to share compelling and motivating stories that’ll attract people.

3. Create high-quality videos

The quality of your video will be the first thing the viewer will notice. It makes the impression of how professional your business is. The better the quality of video and audio is, the better impression you’re going to make.

It’s best to hire an agency to take care of the whole process. Professionals use the proper equipment that captures high-quality footage. To ensure that you’re working with the right team, simply look at employee testimonials they’ve previously recorded.

4. Guide the interview and be flexible

Include the employee in the scenario writing process. They’ll need to significantly contribute to the scenario by sharing what they want to say and how they want to say it. It’s crucial to shape what the employee wants to say carefully.

After you figure out the crucial parts they want to say, it’s essential to include more details that you’d like to be in the video. These are usually all the benefits and opportunities all the employees in the company get.    

That sort of flexibility will result in better storytelling as your employee will honestly express their impressions of your company. Aside from the inspiring story, it’s essential to mention things such as:

  • Recognition and appreciation of every employee
  • Insurance benefits
  • Growth potential in terms of professional education
  • Good compensation
  • Various opportunities in other teams

The goal is to tell a story and weave this information through it. The result will be a short video that shares all the impressions of working for your brand.

5. Include them in your promotional strategy

Adopting modern marketing practices is essential in the business world. Implementing them has allowed numerous old businesses to thrive. Therefore, making an appearance on social media and investing in PPC campaigns is crucial for reaching out to more talent.

No matter how good employee testimonials you make, they’ll be ineffective unless your audience sees them. There are two ways you can include them in your marketing strategy.

  • On your brand’s website
  • Social media

Your brand’s website is the perfect place for sharing all employee testimonials. Create a separate page that features all the testimonials you currently have. Don’t forget to add details about the employee in the video, so people know who they’re watching.

Social media is the perfect place for sharing employee testimonials. However, it’s best to use platforms where you’ll find your target audience. Ensure that you’re promoting your testimonials on:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn

Each of these platforms is an excellent option for promoting your videos and engaging with your audience. While LinkedIn counts the lowest number of users, it heavily focuses on networking and businesses, making it a necessary part of your promotional strategy.

Concluding thoughts

With more than half unhappy employees in the workplace, people are certainly looking for new opportunities. Incorporating employee testimonials is a great business strategy to stay on their radar.

Keep in mind that the testimonials are only one element of your company’s reputation. Actively invest in it to not only attract top talent but to grow with more customers.

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