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Mission & Vision

OUR MISSION: The Rutgers Leadership Academy (RLA) is a privately funded entity whose mission is to equip the student-athletes at Rutgers University with the knowledge and skills they need to achieve success both during and after their collegiate careers by providing year-round opportunities for advancement in four key areas: leadership, career, community and personal enrichment.

OUR VISIONTo positively impact the lives of the student-athletes at Rutgers University in their constant pursuit of career, academic and personal success.

The How & Why of the RLA

Rutgers Athletics has long subscribed to the idea that student-athletes should be learning and acquiring new skills beyond academics and athletes. For years, student-athletes participated in student-development activities modeled after the highly regarded NCAA program, “CHAMPS/Life Skills.”

In 2008, a small group of Rutgers administrators and contributors identified the need to do something more to meet the needs of today’s college graduate. As they saw it, Rutgers student-athletes had plenty of experience competing in the classroom and on the field, but they needed more training for what comes next: competing in the real world. With that specific goal identified, the RLA was launched in Fall 2009.

From Frosh to Alumni

Now in its fifth year, the RLA provides year-round programming tailored to a student-athlete’s individual needs according to their graduation year, major and career interests. First-year students, for example, can participate in classes on effective study skills, time management and personal budgeting, while upperclassmen receive one-on-one career counseling, participate in networking events, and attend career workshops. Recent alumni are known to drop by the office, too, to talk about potential career changes, grad school applications, or best of all, offer their support and encouragement to current student-athletes.

Three Core Areas

RLA programming falls into three specific categories: career, academic and personal development. Below is just a sampling of RLA topics/activities. For our latest news and events, please check out the specific tabs of the website.

Career Development

Individual career meetings * Resume building * career interest test * professional mentoring * video mock interviews * networking events * career fairs * site visits * career panels

Academic Development

Time management * study skills * new student orientation * grad school workshops * grad school entrance exams * personal statements

Personal Development

Personal branding, behavioral assessments, health & wellness, bystander intervention, core values, financial management, automotive management, SCREAM athletes and civic engagement.