About Us

financial_mgmt_workshopThroughout the year student-athletes are provided opportunities to take part in distinctive workshops that are tailored to their specific needs according to their graduation class, sport and career interest. Through a network of specialized personnel, alumni and supporters of the program, each workshop is facilitated by individuals with direct knowledge in their specific field. This allows for the student-athlete to gain substantial insight in all areas of development throughout their collegiate career. Examples of programming offered via the Rutgers Leadership Academy include:

Career Development:

Resume building, career interest test, professional mentoring mock video interviews, networking functions, dress for success and career fairs.


Graduate school, time management, goal setting, study hall, new student orientation, student-athlete of the month, and identifying majors.

Personal Development:

Personal branding, behavioral assesment, health & wellness, bystander intervention, core values, financial management, automotive management, SCREAM athletes and civic engagement.